Round 157

I know there are a lot of tools/techniques/exercises to prevent injuries in climbing, but with such a busy schedule I find it hard to fit... Read More

Round 156

Hey Eric, I’ve been climbing 1.5 years and I am hitting a plateau. I can’t seem to progress beyond the 5.11c. I recently started following... Read More

Round 155

Hi Eric, I'm loving your short training video's on Epic TV--great work! One aspect I find difficult though, is how to integrate these five important... Read More

Round #154

Hey Eric, After chatting with you at the gym, I recently started doing some one-arm finger hangs. I am using a pad and a half... Read More

Round 152

I resumed climbing 5 years ago after a 10 year break. I am 50 years old and recently sent my first 5.12 lead in 20... Read More

Round 151

Hi Eric, I have two questions about designing a maximum strength training—specifically intensity hangboarding finger training: How many rest days are best after a max... Read More

Round 150

Eric, I wanted to email and thank you for having me over to your gym…and discussing specific training with me. You and your family are quite... Read More

Round 149

Climbing has recently become the truest passion I have ever known. After graduating high school, I took a gap year to save money for college... Read More

Round 148

Hi Eric, I am for the most part a boulderer, and I live in Japan. I’m 29 years old, 185cm tall, and walk around at... Read More