Round 171

For the HIT strip training, do you recommend laddering in a neutral position or do you recommend a hip-turning and drop-kneeing to climb in the... Read More

Round 169

Dear Eric, A question about fingerboard training: How should my workouts look if I want to train maximum finger strength for 4 weeks? Should I... Read More

Round 168

Hi Eric, I wanted to first say that I appreciate all you do for the world of climbing training. Thanks! Secondly, I have a question... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 167

Hi Eric, Firstly, thank you for writing Training for Climbing–I've found that book enormously helpful! I was hoping you could help me with a question... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 166

Hi Eric! I’m a shift worker--nights, days, weekends and always changing. I have no set routine but I can make it to the climbing wall... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 165

I’m reading your book, Training For Climbing, and I am currently working on increasing climbing-specific aerobic fitness. I was wondering if this energy system could... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 164

I’m using the 4-3-2-1 periodization program, and I’m currently beginning the 3 weeks of strength/power training. I’m doing the 2 days of climbing (30-60 min... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 163

When training for competitions do you think it is valuable to have a strict training program & what would that consist of? Do you believe... Read More