Round 44

Q: Hey Eric, I am 16 years old and I’ve been climbing one year. I’m wondering what you thought would help me get past 5.11a... Read More

Round 43

Q: We have only 30-foot walls at our gym; can you suggest an effective way to train for long-route stamina? – Ben (Florida) A: Hi... Read More

Round 42

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Round 41

Q: I have been improving steadily (sometimes slowly) over the last three years, and I would like to start more advanced training. I have read... Read More

Round 40

Q: I am a solid 5.11 climber, but I’ve done two 5.12s in the gym by working them over and over. What is the best... Read More

Round 39

Q: My weight is right around 180 pounds and I just can't lose any more weight. I eat great and run, not to mention climb.... Read More

Round 38

Q: I've been climbing for about 5 years and am stuck in the 5.10 range. How long would you anticipate it should take a 5.10a... Read More

Round 37

Q: I'm just beginning to climb at age 28, and I can only get to the climbing centre once a week. What training methods can... Read More

Round 31

How do I devise a program to build maximum power and endurance?Q: How do I devise a program to build maximum power and maximum endurance,... Read More

Round 30

How to reconcile contradictory information on the web?Q: Hi Eric, I've read a lot of contradictory information on training on the web. For example, is... Read More