Round 151

Hi Eric, I have two questions about designing a maximum strength training—specifically intensity hangboarding finger training: How many rest days are best after a max... Read More

Round 150

Eric, I wanted to email and thank you for having me over to your gym…and discussing specific training with me. You and your family are quite... Read More

Round 149

Climbing has recently become the truest passion I have ever known. After graduating high school, I took a gap year to save money for college... Read More

Round 148

Hi Eric, I am for the most part a boulderer, and I live in Japan. I’m 29 years old, 185cm tall, and walk around at... Read More

Round 147

Good day, Eric! I thought a lot about your advice for quicker sends, and I keep on reading and analyzing you book “Maximum climbing" (it's... Read More

Round 146

Hi Eric! First of all – what an amazing service you provide here and what fantastic resources you've created. Thank you! Ok, so I used... Read More

Round 145

Hi Eric, Really enjoy the site and I am looking forward to incorporating your tips so IU can have a banner season in Squamish. I... Read More

Round 144

Eric, I'm a 38-year-old male who is a beginner climber. I needed a new hobby and my regular lifting workouts became boring. I was introduced to... Read More

Round 143

Hi Eric, I mostly climb outside, but I have been hitting the gym when I'm not ice-climbing. Regardless, I've had this nagging pain and tightness... Read More

Round 142

Hey Eric, I've been do elite climbers make hard routes and boulder problems look easy? Is there a certain factor in their technique or... Read More