Reactive Training – Part 3 – Campus Lock-offs (aka “Touches”)

Campus Lock-Offs, also known as Campus Touches, train the dynamic lock-off ability that’s often called on for making a long reach on steep climbing terrain. Training with Campus Lock-Offs requires a unique campus board consisting of a slightly overhanging wall equipped with specialized Campus Rungs.

1. Start hanging from low rung.

2. Campus up with one hand.

3. Drop down to low rung.

4. Campus up with other hand.



1. Begin by hanging with both hands from a low rung on the board.

2. Pull up forcefully with both hands, then in a fast, continuous motion, lunge up with one hand to grab the highest rung possible (usually the third or fourth rung, depending on the spacing).

3. Engage the high rung for an instant, and then drop back down to the starting hold and lower to the starting (hanging) position.

4. Immediately pull back up and lunge with the opposite hand to grab a high rung.

5. Again, engage the high rung for a moment before dropping down to the starting hold and lowering to your starting position.

6. Continue in this alternating fashion for up to twelve total touches (six per hand).

7. Rest for three to five minutes before performing another set. Do two to four sets.

  • Training tip: You can make this exercise harder by touching, but not grabbing on to, the high hold at the top of each lunge. Try to hold the lock-off and touch for two seconds.
  • Safety note: Cease Campus Lock-Offs if you feel joint or tendon pain in your fingers, arms, or shoulders.

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