Counterfeit Petzl Product

June 16, 2011 On February 16, 2011- Petzl has discovered counterfeit versions of four products: Croll ascender (B16), Attache locking carabiner (M35SL), Ascension ascender (B17R),... Read More

8C (+) by Paul Robinson has ma…

8C (+) by Paul Robinson has made the first repeat of Dave Graham's The story of two worlds, 8C (+) in Cresciano.... http://fb.me/tg2mzjOQ

Gear Shop

Nicros carries an extensive line of climbing gear. Please check the website to see all of the products we offer. Since climbing wall quotes are... Read More


Nicros is proud to offer new training courses endorsed by the CWA

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Nicros is the only handhold manufacturer to offer holds in both Urethane and Resin