Our Story

Nicros has been in business since 1992 and has built over one million square feet of climbing wall surface. Bringing together climbing experience, technical expertise, engineering know-how, and operational experience of building and operating numerous commercial climbing gyms, the Nicros team is uniquely qualified to find the best solution for your project.

Nicros’ complete line of products and services span everything from the construction and design of climbing walls and facilities to route setting and risk management training for the end users. Nicros has built a working rapport with all of their customers and have acquired a depth of knowledge unequaled in the climbing industry. These qualities combined with the experience of a professional staff, make Nicros, Inc. the superior choice for any climbing wall project.

Constantly seeking to innovate, Nicros has originated and developed many of the climbing wall products, handholds, and training tools commonly seen today. 

Our Philosophy

Nicros, Inc. prides itself on offering the finest products, training programs, and customer service in the climbing industry today.

Nicros constantly strives to understand what our customer’s value most about the company and the current opportunities and challenges seen in the climbing industry today. Through this continuing analysis, Nicros is able to lead the climbing industry in the construction and design of climbing facilities, the development of handhold and training products, and professional services.

Nicros, Inc. – The Evolution of Climbing

Our Logo

What is the story behind our logo?

The ups, the downs.
The highs, the lows.
The ascent, the rappel.
Balance, power.
Holding on, letting go.
The yin, the yang.
Climbing, like life, is full of opposites.
In training you must tear muscles down
before you can build them up.
In climbing there is not an ascent without a descent.
In life you must experience the lows to appreciate the highs.
At Nicros, we not only understand this, but revel in it.
Our logo symbolizes this constant interplay.
Life, like climbing, is full of vastly different experiences.
Enjoy them all.