Wall Inspections


As the leader in the climbing wall industry, Nicros is pleased to offer the Nicros Comprehensive Inspection Program.

To help prevent injuries to climbers and staff, all climbing wall facilities should undergo regular annual inspections as part of a comprehensive safety and operations program.  Nicros’ extensive knowledge in the construction and operations of artificial climbing walls gives us a unique ability to help climbing facilities reduce the risk of injury for everyone. Nicros’ trained inspectors will systematically review various aspects of your structural components, protection anchors, as well as landing surfaces, auto belay units, and operations procedures.  After a thorough examination, our inspector will provide recommendations to address any safety concerns that may become costly liabilities if ignored. All inspections are performed in accordance with the CWA Specification for the Structural Inspection of Artificial Climbing Structures, First Edition. During the inspection, Nicros’ CWA Qualified Inspector will:

  • Verify all attachments of the climbing wall to the parent structure
  • Analyze the structural integrity of key components
  • Inspect the climbing surface texture and handhold attachment points
  • Check the top anchors, lead anchors, and anchor connection points
  • Provide a cursory examination of all climbing gear including top ropes and lead ropes
  • Review top surface and underlayment stability of landing surface
  • Ensure Climbing Wall User Manual is on site
  • Document the inspection with photographs

After the inspection, Nicros’ CWA Qualified Inspector will:

  • Summarize all findings in an official report
  • Send a copy of the report to the climbing wall supervisor

Listed below you will find a brief description of the services included with a typical inspection package.

Auto Belays. All automatic belay devices, components, and procedures shall be inspected to ensure devices are free from defects, excessive wear, and obvious signs of damage.  Climbing wall inspection will also verify that all units are being used properly and in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Operations. Typical inspection shall include a review of all operations manuals, staff training plan, and maintenance documentation to ensure that minimally accepted standards, policies, and procedures are in place.

Structural Inspection. Climbing wall inspection shall include a visual inspection of all protection anchors, building connections, fracture critical members of support structure, as well as the structural integrity of the climbing surface.

Landing Surface. Inspection shall include a cursory review of the climbing wall landing surface(s) to identify potential concerns that should be addressed to help ensure the safety of all climbing wall patrons.

Please contact a Nicros sales representative at 800-699-1975 for additional information on inspection services and pricing information.