Auto Belays

For Sale! Used Spectrum Auto-Belays 32′ & 40′

Spectrum Auto Belays are designed to allow users to climb up and a smooth decent without the use of a secondary person belaying.  Ideal for rock climbing gyms, camp climbing walls, university recreation centers, ninja obstacle courses, amusement centers, and more!

Spectrum 32′ Spectrum 40′
$900 $1,100
Climbing Range: 10′ – 32′ Climbing Range: 10′ – 40′
Size: 9’3″H x 12″W x 17″D Size: 9’3″H x 12″W x 17″D
Dry Weight: 180lb. Dry Weight: 200lb.
Weight Capacity: 40-250 lb. Weight Capacity: 40-250 lb.
1/4″ Steel cable safety line 1/4″ Steel cable safety line
Cable swivel Cable swivel
Auto-locking carabiner Auto-locking carabiner
  • No Warranty. Buyer pays for shipping.
  • In stock: (11) 32″ (6) 40′

If interested please contact Jason Noble: | 651-209-0608


Perfect Descent


Auto Belays are a great addition to any climbing wall. Auto Belays can help decrease staff time, eliminate the need for a belay partner, and increase climbing time for participants.

Our Auto Belays have been developed and tested specifically for climbing walls. These devices eliminate many of the barriers of entry to the sport of climbing for first-time climbers. New climbers can clip in and climb without having to depend on a partner. When they get to the top of the climb, they simply let go and slowly return to the ground.

For any climbing wall, Auto Belays can help decrease staff time, eliminate the need for a belay partner, and increase climbing time for participants. The Auto Belays is ideal for facilities who offer birthday parties and group events allowing kids and patrons to have more climbing time while they are in the facility.

With any Auto Belay system, Nicros also recommends the use of the Nicros Double-Clip system. With this system, there is an extra carabiner that the climber clips into prior to releasing the Auto Belay from it’s attachment point at the base of the climbing wall. By clipping in first, the climber can’t accidentally release the Auto Belay which results in it flying to the ceiling and the climb being closed until the Auto Belay is retrieved.

The Double-Clip system also reduces potential injuries caused by the Auto Belay hitting a climber in the face because it was accidentally released while the climber was trying to attach it to the harness tie-in points.

For additional information and specifications on the available Auto Belay units, please contact a Nicros sales representative at 800-699-1975 for pricing information.