WestCoastclimbing wall systems continue to be the industry standard for cement textured plywood climbing walls.

WestCoast™ climbing walls provide an aesthetic, fun, and functional climbing wall that can fit into even the tightest project budget. WestCoast™ climbing walls consist of a steel framework that is sheathed in non-combustible plywood and covered with a polymer modified cement coating. Nicros only uses premium wide flange screw in T-nuts on the WestCoast™ climbing wall system. Nicros’ standard texture (Nicrotex-Premium™) contains numerous rock-like micro-features that result in a visually stunning and highly functional climbing wall texture.

Appearance. Visually stunning, WestCoast™ climbing wall systems allow for limitless design opportunities. The geodesic design of a WestCoast™ wall can range from fairly simple, with few plane breaks, to highly complex. WestCoast™ walls can also be tinted by our skilled installers to achieve a number of desired effects.

Versatility. WestCoast™ climbing wall systems are ideal for Universities, Schools, Fitness Centers, Commercial Gyms, Private Residences, and countless other facilities. The versatility of WestCoast™ makes it perfect for full height climbing walls and bouldering walls.

Feel. One touch will tell you how Nicros WestCoast™ walls are different – our surface texture is more rock-like than the competition. WestCoast™ texture is both highly durable without being overly abrasive. The quality of the climbing texture is critical to the proper attachment of handholds since any irregularities in the surface can cause problems with holds either spinning or possibly breaking. Our Nicrotex-Premium™ texture creates a flat surface that is ideal for the proper setting of hand holds.

Durability. The WestCoast™ climbing wall systems have been designed for the most rigorous use. Nicros only uses top quality non-combustible ¾” plywood (not inferior OSB) and other high grade materials. Our polymer modified cement coating has been specially formulated for use in high traffic commercial gym applications and the use of integral concrete dye ensures that the climbing surface will remain looking new for years to come.

Design. WestCoast™ panels can be configured into just about any design conceivable. Designs can include cracks, overhanging areas, dihedrals, arêtes, roofs, vertical sections, and any other climbing formations. The sculpting of our cracks, huecos, and arêtes is unparalleled in the industry.

Handholds. WestCoast™ climbing wall systems are designed to accept any shape or size modular handhold. From the smallest foot chips to the largest volumes. Check out the Nicros Handhold Store for our complete line of handhold products.

The first step in the process is the design phase. Depending on the project, this is either rendered as simple plan views and cross-sectional drawings or CAD renditions. We offer a number of surface features as options for WestCoast™ walls. Our design team works with you to create a wall that’s both visually striking and highly functional. Sculpted arêtes, cracks, and flakes combine with realistic pockets, edges, and dikes to provide an enjoyable climbing experience that mimics time on natural rock.

Once a design is chosen, the engineering begins. All Nicros climbing wall designs are engineered to meet or exceed industry standards (CWA General Specification for the Design and Engineering of Artificial Climbing Structures, First Edition).

Upon completion of the engineering, a primary steel frame is erected and the non-combustible ¾” plywood sheets are lifted into place and attached to the frame via secondary steel that is welded to the primary steel frame.

While the previous steps are the most critical from a construction and safety standpoint, the next steps determine the final aesthetics of the climbing wall. The entire face of the climbing wall is covered in lathe which is securely attached to the surface of the plywood using wide crown staples. Approximately 3/8 inch of Nicrotex-Premium™ (Polymer-modified concrete) is applied to the entire wall, creating a solid, seamless surface. This concrete has been pre-tinted with integral dyes and once the concrete is in place, additional post-applied dyes are added. This coating is then imprinted with a rocklike texture to provide a realistic feel. When this process is complete and the concrete and dye is dry, additional color is added to the wall using artistic application methods.

This attention to detail can make simple concrete look more realistic and further enhance the rocklike aesthetics. Our expertise in decorative rockwork techniques developed for A.R.T.Wall™ helps us create a beautifully textured finished product for the WestCoast™ system.

Finally, the protection anchors and handholds are installed and the landing surface added. After a final inspection, your wall is ready for use.

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