Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) Certification


The Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) Program is a two-day program under the purview of the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) to prepare participants to become certified CWA Instructors. The purpose of this certification program is to establish a voluntary industry certification for climbing instructors and a uniform set of performance standards. CWI Program curriculum includes equipment inspections, risk management, patron orientations, and developing effective teaching skills. Prior climbing experience is important in developing the necessary skills to climb safely and teach basic climbing and belaying skills to others. Candidates that do not display sufficient climbing experience may not pass the course and receive certification. At the start of the training, the candidate is observed as they climb and are visually assessed by the program provider to confirm that they meet the required program prerequisites. The CWI Certification Course is designed as an eight-hour program, day two covers the CWI Lead Endorsement curriculum.

Topics Covered:

  • Equipment and Facility Inspection
  • Client Orientation and Instruction
  • Top Rope Skills
  • Lead Skills (optional for Lead Endorsement)
  • Bouldering + Spotting
  • Emergency Procedures

The goals of the CWI Certification program are as follows:

  • Improve the level of consistency and competency in indoor technical instruction
  • Define a consistent standard for climbing instructors in the following areas:
    • Client Orientation and instruction
    • General climbing skills including movement
    • Proper belay techniques
    • Proper lead climbing techniques
    • Proper equipment care and use
    • Proper facility use, care, and inspection
    • Emergency procedures
  • Evaluate the technical skills of climbing instructors
  • Provide a means of promoting consistency and quality assurance in climbing instruction for the benefit of the public.


One-Day $2,200
Two-Day $2,900
Three-Day Not available




Service fees listed above are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).

*Prices are estimations only. Please fill out a request form below for a full quote.* There is an additional fee of $45 per participant for certification.

A single instructor can train up to 15 people.


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