Climbing Wall Inspections

The CWA’s ‘Specification for the Structural Inspection of Artificial Climbing Structures’ recommends climbing wall inspections every 2-4 years to help ensure the safety of all climbers, visitors and staff.

Nicros Inspectors have an extensive background in design, engineering, construction, and operation of the structural components, protection anchors, and safety equipment. They systematically review the various aspects of the climbing structure including landing surface and maintenance, to provide a thorough examination to offer helpful recommendations, providing a safer experience for everyone involved. This package includes a final written report.


A typical inspection will include a review of all operation manuals, staff training, and maintenance documentation to ensure that accepted standards, policies, and procedures are in place.

Climbing Wall Inspection will include a visual inspection of all protection anchors, building connections, and fracture-critical members of the support structure, as well as the structural integrity of the climbing surface.

This inspection will include a cursory review of the landing surfaces to identify any concerns that should be addressed.

All auto belay devices, components, and procedures will be inspected to ensure devices are free from defects, excessive wear, or obvious signs of damage. We will also verify that all Auto Belay systems are being used properly and in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

All gear, which includes but is not limited to harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, helmets, ropes, and shoes shall be visually inspected to look for wear, irregularities, damage, cracks, tears, faded or frayed material, torn seams, and compromised safety stitching.

*Prices are estimations only. Please fill out a request form below for a full quote.*

One -Day  $2,500
Two-Day $3,200
Three-Day  $3,900

Service fees listed above are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).