Urethane holds have increased in popularity in the climbing industry as they create a more flexible end-product that is less prone to breakage, even when over-tightened or placed under extreme torque by route setters and climbers. While most major hold companies outsource the pouring and manufacturing of their shapes, Nicros moved all urethane hold production in-house in 2019 to be able to offer the same quick turnaround time for customers that was available with polyester resin holds.


Polyester Resin holds were the first custom-shaped climbing holds to be poured into a mold to produce the desired shape and allow for an inset washer and predetermined bolt placement. Utilizing the skills of a chemical engineer, Nicros’ formula results in a surface texture that actually improves when it encounters chalk, sweat, and shoe rubber. The end-product has a rock-like feel that doesn’t get slippery under extended use.

While the flammability of polyester resin during the manufacturing process presents a barrier-to-entry for many climbing hold companies, Nicros has a certified Class D fire-rated production room that allows holds to be manufactured in-house from start-to-finish. This means a quicker turnaround time for customers on custom and last minute orders.