Nicros Receives Patent Number 7,524,269 for Extreme Hold Technology™

April 28 , 2009

On April 28, 2009, Nicros was issued Patent Number 7,524,269 for its innovative Extreme Hold Technology™.

This technology,  first introduced in October, 2003, revolutionizes the way large individual  climbing holds (“Extreme Holds” in the Nicros line) are made. Every extreme hold that utilizes the Extreme Hold Technology (Patent Number 7,524,269) is up to 220% lighter than an older style resin-poured counterpart of the same shape.

Although the thickness of the hold can be deceptive in describing the strength of the hold, these holds are extremely strong – even with their minimalistic  sidewall thickness. Nicros has taken the old “hollowback” technique to the next level with Extreme Hold Technology. This weight reduction also means less money spent on shipping, leaving more to spend on new holds.

Extreme Hold Technology (Patent Number 7,524,269) is simply the best method for making large holds. Click here for more information on Nicros product innovations.