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You know kids love to climb. Whether it’s on chairs, over desks, or in trees. They know the thrill of overcoming physical challenges and conquering new territory. Encourage that sense of adventure and develop their natural athleticism at your school with a climbing wall from Nicros.

Even if you’re new to climbing, Nicros can help you add climbing to your school’s education program with our unique experiential learning curriculum. The ClimbingForKids™ curriculum will help you teach the basics of climbing such as safety, technique, and training. Plus, your kids will learn skills for life, like teamwork, communication, group cooperation, interpersonal skills, and the encouragement of others.

Whether you’re just getting started with a climbing program or are adding to an existing one, Nicros has all the solutions you need at great savings. Browse our catalog or website at your leisure without high-pressure sales pitches. If you have a question, you can always call at 651-778-1975 to speak to one of our experts. We’ll help you find the climbing component or package that’s just right for your kids.


Nicros-EasyWall™ is a uniquely designed rock climbing wall panel system that is named “EasyWall” because installation is as easy as bolting it to an existing wall. EasyWall™ is a light-weight 4’x4’ rock climbing panel system that comes with handholds, mounting hardware, and an installation manual. Nicros has more than ten years of experience with the “decorative rock” look. This technology was utilized to create the surface features of the EasyWall™ panels. Thus, aesthetics weren’t sacrificeed for the sake of simplicity.

EasyWall™ addresses the challenges (costs, speace that a wall occupies, etc.) that have existed for schools wanting to provide rock climbing for their students. In the past, an appropriate solution didn’t exist. With a low-cost system that takes up very little space, rock climbing can now be offered at virtually any facility using the Nicros-EasyWall™ system.

There are four different models, each of which can be oriented four different ways, which allows for a great variety of placements. Each panel is about two to three inches thick and also has natural crack features that will line up with the adjoining panels, regardless of how they are oriented. This attention to detail yields a simple, low-cost yet realistic and beautiful climbing wall.

Each panel comes with five handholds to get you started. The holds generally come in a combination of “kid-friendly” colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, or orange.

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Nicros-GranitPanels™ are the highest quality, lowest price per square foot climbing wall system available. GranitPanels™ are 4’x8’ plywood sheets covered with a special granite-like climbing texture and can easily be added to an existing wall (or framework) to create a wall of any width or height. The beauty of these panels is that they can be installed virtually anywhere and are used to create a vertical climbing wall or a a bouldering wall. GranitPanels™ are available in 2 standard colors (Grey-GT15 and Tan-GT10) and can be painted with a custom mural to enhance the look and appearance of your climbing wall. Each panel has 32 screw-in T-nuts which will leave you with endless possibilities for routesetting.

For a simple, low-cost climbing wall with awesome texture, this is the product. A climbing wall made from Nicros-GranitPanels™ is a fun addition to any recreation center, school, camp, rehabilitation center, etc.

GranitPanel™ texture is the best in the industry, you won’t find a better texture in any paint-on product. Unlike other paint-on textures, GranitPanel™ texture utilizes a special spray-on process that makes it tougher, stronger, more uniform and allows it to bond to the plywood better. In addition, the texture can be tinted and flecked to achieve a number of desired results.

Each panel comes with eight handholds in a combination of “kid-friendly” colors. Purchase more unique and fun kids holds from Nicros.com.

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Nicros offers a variety of kid-friendly holds that are perfect for your school wall! 

Check out some of our favorite Kid’s holds online or in our catalog.

$42.85 / $204.95 (retail)

Nicrotex™ is textured paint specially formulated for climbing walls. It is tough, low cost, easy to apply, and specially formulated to provide the best feel and durability for climbing walls. Tougher than other acrylic paints, this product will wear better and last longer. Apply with a brush or roller for smaller jobs or spray on for larger ones.

• Color Options: Driftwood and French Gray
• Each gallon covers at least 50 square feet with three coats

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GYMTEX™ (A PM Climbing product)
$261.95 (retail)

GymTex™ is a durable, liquid, acrylic surface coating that is specially created for climbing walls. GymTex™ comes in twelve different colors which allows you to brighten up your climbing wall, or create a beautiful custom mural as the backdrop to your climbing surface. Simple to apply by brush, trowel or for larger surfaces it is best to use a texture hopper gun.

This product is more than paint and sand. It is a highly optimized acrylic texture product that is easy to apply. GymTex™ can be added to an existing plywood climbing wall or can be applied directly to a concrete wall. One coat coverage can be used for a typical installation depending on color of substrate and desired texture of GymTex™.

• Color Options: Red, Brown, Forest Green, Goldenrod, Royal Blue, Pumpkin, Tan, Blue, Beige, Grey, Light Blue, and Light Grey
• Five gallon covers approximately 90 to 100 square feet with two coats

Note: These products are water-based and are capable of freezing during shipping should temperatures drop below freezing. It is not recommended to ship during extremely cold weather.

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  • NICROS-DROPZONE™ uses a dual-density foam underlayer that can be provided in several thicknesses.  The top layer is carpet bonded foam and is available in a variety of colors. Because Nicros-DropZone is seamed with 4’ Velcro tape, it is easy to install and easy to replace or repair.  It is a cost-efficient, durable, and versatile way to provide a safety landing surface. DropZone™ is custom installed and can be tailored to meet the requirements and design of any facility. Due to the ease of installation, this product can also be installed by the end user. Additionally, it is easy to maintain, clean, and vacuum.
  • SHREDDED RUBBER is an economical and effective choice for a landing surface and is available in black or our tri-color option.  The shredded rubber is made from recycled material and is low in tire rubber content, low in odor, free of steel wires and fiber, and has very little rubber dust. For added safety and fall-absorption, add an initial layer of rebond foam beneath the shredded rubber. Shredded rubber is typically contained by building a curb around the edge of where the rubber should go. Shredded rubber is a great option because it is a low-cost surface, it is easy to install, and it is easily replaceable. Simply raking and maintaining the areas at the base of the climbing wall will keep plenty of rubber in the fall zones. The feeling of landing into rubber is a soft, spongy feel. The rubber tends to dissipate and provide a good fall-absorption.
  • LANDING MATS are the most popular landing surface for school bouldering or traversing walls. The most common surface product Nicros offers is our Landing Mats.  The mats have covers made of Nylon or Vinyl and come in several size and color options.  Although there is no climbing industry standard that specifically dictates the thickness or dimensions of a landing surface, it is Nicros’ recommendation that the landing surface cover an area up to 8 feet from the base of the wall and that it be suitably thick to protect a climber’s fall. When the wall is not in use, the mats can simply fold up and be locked to the wall.  The back side of the mats can have the added feature that states, the climbing wall is closed and no climbing is allowed without supervision. Additionally, Custom Mats can be designed and made to accommodate all the contours of your wall, facility, or climbing area.

Nicros has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of climbing walls, climbing wall systems, handholds, landing surfaces, and training resources since 1992. We provide a full range of climbing wall services including design, engineering, construction, operations, risk management training, and climbing wall inspections.

Nicros offers a variety of artificial climbing wall systems, providing a wide array of design features covering a broad range of applications and budgets:

  • A.R.T.WALL™ is molded from real rock so it perfectly reproduces the shapes only found in nature. Because it’s made from glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), it is not only extremely strong and resilient, it also has the look, feel, and texture of real rock. This product, with its stunning appearance, is often the “showpiece” for student recreation facilities, schools, and universities.
  • WESTCOAST™ climbing walls are Nicros’ version of the standard “plywood on a frame” climbing walls. It consists of a steel framework that is sheathed in non-combustible plywood and covered with a polymer modified cement coating.Visually stunning, this style allows for limitless design opportunities. The geodesic design can range from fairly simple, with few plane breaks, to highly complex that contains numerous rock-like micro-features that result in a creative and highly functional climbing wall texture.  The walls are custom tinted and flecked to add variety and give it a “granite-like” appearance.
  • 5.15™ climbing walls are similar to Nicros’ Westcoast™ walls but consist of a curved/rolled steel framework that is also sheathed in non-combustible plywood and covered with a polymer modified cement coating. This newer climbing wall system allows for nearly limitless design opportunities that can incorporate stunning features and added graphic design. The use of the curved features provides a captivating structure that is fun to look at, while still providing a functional climbing wall surface.
  • PLAYGROUND BOULDERS are available in three sizes and are perfect for outdoor applications. Up to nine feet tall, the boulders provide numerous natural climbing features for young climbers.  They are molded from real rock, made of UV-resistant fiberglass and come with a special anti-graffiti coating.  Installation is a s simple as placement on an existing slap or footing and bolting it down.

Nircos offers a full line of resources, support training, and technical climbing equipment to prepare and outfit your climbing facility and staff:

Nicros is one of the few climbing wall and handhold manufacturers that caries Product Liability Insurance, which is an important consideration when purchasing climbing products. Additionally, all of Nicros products and services are developed and produced in the U.S.A. by American workers.

You can visit our website or call for more information on these products and services. We would love to assist you with your climbing wall needs!


ClimbingForKids™ is an organization whose expertise is derived from their resources. The staff at ClimbingForKids™ collectively have more than 100 years of climbing experience and an extensive background working with children through organizations such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA, Public School Teaching, Campfire Girls & Boys, and many other community outreach programs.

Introducing kids to the sport of climbing not only helps them improve their balance, coordination, and maintain their physical fitness, but it also provides them with a way to learn to problem solve and set personal goals. Emotions play a big role in climbing as kids learn to deal with their frustration, anger, and mental attitude so they can persevere.

Our Curriculum Guide is intended to provide information and support for the staff at your program. The activities in this book seek to stimulate your imagination and “creative juices” so you can use these activities as building blocks to create more. There are many activities, technique lesson outlines, cross training outlines, and a lot of information related to using rock climbing to meet National Standards as well.

With the purchase of a Nicros climbing wall we also encourage teachers to get the Curriculum Guide. Please call us at 651-778-1975 or email us at salesadmin@nicros.com to purchase your Curriculum Guide today.