Incident Response & Rescue Training

It is of vital importance that operations of artificial climbing walls include a solid Risk Management Plan. The Risk Management Plan includes everything from appropriate Waivers and documentation of customer orientations and qualifications to staff training on how to respond to an incident in progress or an injury to staff or customers. The Engage for Safety Incident Response + Rescue Training will include the following topics:

  • Proper Documentation
  • Ongoing Risk Management Procedures
  • Rescues for roped incident scenarios and auto belay incidents
  • Incident Response and attending to injured individuals
  • Incident Documentation and follow-up communication
  • Workman’s Compensation Injury Procedures
  • Legal Liability Overview

Although we all hope to avoid accidents and injuries associated with participating in an inherently dangerous sport, Nicros’ Incident Response + Rescue Training allows operators and their staff to be prepared for whatever may occur and ready to respond.


One-Day $2,200
Two-Day Not available
Three-Day Not available




Service fees listed above are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).

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A single instructor can train up to 15 people.


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