After more than 28 years of modifying and improving the design and components of our landing surfaces, Nicros-Catch™ is the culmination of these efforts. Nicros-Catch™ is a continuous landing surface system that uses twelve inches or more of cross-laid open cell foam covered by 1 to 2 layers of vinyl or ballistic nylon. The cover is stretched over the foam and secured around all sides as a top layer for easy maintenance access, rather than enveloping the entire pad.  As a flooring solution that is free from stiff seams or seam-overlays, there are fewer hazards for users when they land.

Appearance. Nicros-Catch™ is a continuous system that sits atop current flooring, usually at a foam depth of 12”. The absence of different sections joined by bulky seams creates an uninterrupted flooring aesthetic that looks great. The vinyl stretched over the layers of foam is also easy to clean and sanitize so your landing surface stays looking fresh.

Versatility. Since Nicros-Catch™ is custom installed, it can be tailored to meet the requirements and design of any facility. Foam density and thickness can be completely customized depending on client preference, wall height, and the specific climbing application, making Nicros-Catch™ the preferred landing surface choice for any climbing application.

Feel. When you land on Nicros-Catch™ you will notice that this continuous landing surface is free from the thick-sewn Velcro seams that connect adjacent pads in other flooring systems. Because traditional seams are stiffer than the surrounding areas of padding, there is a heightened risk of injury when landing on or near a seam. With Nicros-Catch™, you will feel the same foam padding no matter where you land on its surface. Our two-layer cover system together with underlying foam layers are essentially continuous in nature and therefore reduce the likelihood of injury on a seam.

Durability. All landing surfaces wear out at some point, and replacement can be expensive, but the Nicros-Catch™ system can be easily upgraded or repaired. Both the foam layers and the cover itself can be replaced independently, saving significant costs associated with replacing an entire flooring system at once. Additionally, the vinyl surface is durable, spill resistant, and doesn’t warp or wrinkle over time like carpet does. An investment in Nicros-Catch™ is an investment in a long term landing solution.