Nicro-Mat™ is a continuous, seamless landing system that utilizes a foam underlayer and hand trowel installation of rubber surface. The top layer of this landing system is a blend of colored rubber granules that can be mixed to match the surrounding décor. The finished product is aesthetically pleasing to transition easily into adjacent surfaces. Nicro-Mat™ is firm and won’t give when landing, resulting in a nice soft catch.

Appearance. The Nicro-Mat™ system is seamless and utilizes a foam underlayment with hand troweled rubber top layer. Colored EPDM rubber makes up the top layer which can be mixed to match the surrounding aesthetics.

Since Nicro-Mat™ is custom installed, it can be tailored to meet the requirements and design of any facility.

Feel. Landing on Nicro-Mat™ you will notice that it doesn’t give way under you but feels like landing on a substantial surface. You will notice a light bouncy feel as the force of your body weight is absorbed by the foam and rubber layers.

Durability. Nicro-Mat™ is the most durable seamless landing surface in the climbing industry today.  The EPDM granules and urethane binder used to install Nicro-Mat™ are the same as used in outdoor playground installations around the world.