nicro mulchNicro-Mulch™ is similar to Nicro-Mat™ with the top wear layer made of a mulch-like rubber material that provides a natural woodsy look and feel. The top wear layer of this landing surface is dense so the surface is comfortable to stand and walk on. The softer lower layers provide the absorption to cushion falls. Nicro-Mulch™ blends in with surroundings and complements the look of rock-like climbing walls.

Appearance. The Nicro-Mulch™ system is a continuous, seamless system that utilizes a foam underlayment and hand troweled rubber mulch top layer. The top layer of this system is a colored rubber mulch that provides a natural woodsy feel.

Versatility. Since Nicro-Mulch™ is custom installed, it can be tailored to meet the requirements and design of any facility.

Feel. When you land on Nicro-Mulch™ you will notice that it doesn’t give way under you but feels like landing on a substantial surface. You will notice a light bouncy feel as the force of your body weight is absorbed by the foam and rubber layers.

Durability. Nicro-Mulch™ is the most durable natural looking landing surface in the climbing industry today.  The rubber mulch and urethane binder used to install Nicro-Mulch™ are the same as used in outdoor playground installations around the world.