Nicros’ Boulders are the most realistic and fun-to-climb playground rocks available. Each Nicros Boulder has been carefully crafted from molds of real rock to capture the diversity of climbing handholds that only nature can create. This attention to detail has created a line of playground pieces that are unequaled in terms of esthetics and blending in with natural park settings.


Nicros-EasyWall™ is a uniquely designed rock climbing wall panel system that is named “EasyWall” because installation is as easy as bolting it to an existing wall. Nicros-EasyWall™ is a light-weight 4’x4’ rock climbing panel system that comes with handholds, mounting hardware, and an installation manual.


Appearance. Nicros Boulders look great. Since they are made from a combination of hand sculpting and pieces that are molded from real rock, the resulting boulder has a stunning appearance. These boulders are sure to draw attention to any park or playground.

Versatility. Nicros Boulders are light weight and can be easily installed in a variety of locations. Five sizes of boulders guarantee something for kids of all ages. All Nicros Boulders are available in an environmentally friendly corn/soy version useful in accumulating valuable LEED credits.

Feel. Nicros’ Boulders are made using a special fiberglass mixture which results in a beautiful, realistic look and feel. The features on the boulders are ergonomically designed so that they fit the natural hand position in a comfortable way – not adding undue stress to tendons or joints. Since the features on Nicros’ boulder are all rounded, the hand remains in a relaxed, anatomical position while climbing. The features are also “tennis shoe friendly” so that climbers will not take an unexpected fall due to a poorly designed foot placement.

Durability. We chose to make our boulders out of fiberglass over common GFRC concrete for added durability, easy maintenance, and the ability to ship them without cracking. Nicros boulders have a UV resistant outer coating, no modular holds to maintain or t-nut holes to attract insects, and an anti-graffiti coating.

Design. The designers at Nicros use their more than fifty years experience in rock climbing to design a boulder that simulated the movements used while climbing real rock. We also had to keep in mind that children were going to be the ones doing these movements, so things had to be scaled to make the Boulder climbable by kids of all ages. The features on our boulders are also designed with the end user in mind. The features are “tennis shoe friendly” so that climbers will not take an unexpected fall due to a poorly designed foot placement. The incut features on Nicros Boulders are specifically designed to aid in the removal of water preventing pooling and expediting drying time.

The molds for Nicros Boulders are made from the original part and sent to be fiberglassed. A special UV resistant outer coating is laid into the mold first and backed by a high glass content polyester resin. The parts are then assembled by standing them into place and fiberglassing them together from the inside, forming a super strong one-piece boulder. The seams are then filled from the outside and textured to form a seamless outer surface.

Our Nicros Small, Medium, and Large boulders are available in our standard brown color scheme (light tan color scheme available for an additional price). Since the boulders are made with fiberglass, they are already UV stable and the boulders are sprayed with a special anti-graffiti coating before they are shipped to you which makes removal of unwanted “rock paintings” easier.

Nicros boulders are lighter in weight than competitor GFRC products, making installation easier. All Nicros’ Boulders arrive at your site complete and ready to install. Depending on the boulder size, a fork lift or small crane will be needed to lift the boulder into place. Footings or security points can be handled a number of ways and custom options are available. All boulders are shipped with complete installation instructions.


Installation involves mounting Nicros-EasyWall™ panels to an existing wall such as cinder/concrete block or other suitable substrate. Nicros suggests that you consider consulting a licensed structural engineer to ensure correct and safe attachment of the panels to your building. Generally we estimate installation at a rate of two panels per person per hour. That means, in less than five hours, a ten panel bouldering wall could be installed by one person! While installation is easy, it’s very important that it’s done correctly.

The cost for Nicros to install the average Nicros-EasyWall™ climbing wall is $49 per panel, plus engineering, travel and expenses. If you’re unsure or you lack the expertise, please seek professional assistance.  If you would like Nicros to install your Nicros-EasyWall™, please contact one of our sales representatives at 651-778-1975 for a quote.


To download our specifications document for this product, please click here.


Li’l Buddy
Approx Square Footage: 24 sq ft
Weight: 100 lbs
Approx footprint: 3′ 3″ x 3′ 1″
Approx Height: 1′ 8″
Color: Light Tan

Ever-Rest Climber
Approx Square Footage: 50 sq ft
Weight: 250 lbs
Approx footprint: 3′ x 6’6″
Approx Height: 1’8″
Color: Light Tan

Small Boulder
Approx Square Footage: 80 sq ft
Weight: 1,150 lbs
Approx footprint: 5′ 3″ x 7′ 6″
Approx Height: 5′
Color: Brown

Medium Boulder
Approx Square Footage: 290 sq ft
Weight: 2,750 lbs
Approx footprint: 8′ x 12′ 9″
Approx Height: 7′
Color: Brown

Large Boulder
Approx Square Footage: 400 sq ft
Weight: 3,650 lbs
Approx footprint: 6′ x 11′ 10″
Approx Height: 9′ 2″
Color: Brown