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Round 21

What can I do to improve my finger strength?Q: Right now I train everyday with pull-ups, Frenchies, and the hangboard (three times a day except... Read More

Round 20

What's a good workout to improve grip strength? Q: What is a good workout to improve grip strength on sloper holds. -- Trevor (B.C. Canada)... Read More

Round 19

What's the best way for a beginner to improve finger strength? Q: I'm new to climbing and I'm wondering how to improve in my finger... Read More

Round 18

What advice to you have for a beginner wanting to enter bouldering comps? Q: I want to train for bouldering competitions and am looking for... Read More

Round 17

What's the best way for a beginning climber to train finger strength? Q: I've heard that beginners shouldn't focus on finger strength training because tendons... Read More

Round 16

How often should I supplement climbing with strength training activities? Q: I climb outside 3 to 4 days per week, and I am wondering how... Read More

Round 15

Can you provide a sample diet for optimal performance? Q: Can you give me a breakdown of sample daily diet designed for performance and recovery?... Read More

Round 14

Are there any beneficial food supplements? Q: Are there certain food supplements that would be beneficial for climbing? - Niall (Ireland) A: Hello Niall, There... Read More

Round 13

How much climbing is too much? Q: I am an 18-year old boulderer of six months and I'm highly motivated to improve (I currently send... Read More

Round 12

How to break a performance plateau? Q: I have reached a plateau, and I feel like my finger strength is holding me back. I can... Read More