Round 172

Hi Eric, In preparation for a climbing trip I'm doing the training cycle described in your TFC book. The first phase is straightforward, but I'm... Read More

Round 171

For the HIT strip training, do you recommend laddering in a neutral position or do you recommend a hip-turning and drop-kneeing to climb in the... Read More

Round 170

Hi Eric! What are the best types of things to eat before and after a workout or during a weekend trip? How much protein does... Read More

Round 169

Dear Eric, A question about fingerboard training: How should my workouts look if I want to train maximum finger strength for 4 weeks? Should I... Read More

Round 168

Hi Eric, I wanted to first say that I appreciate all you do for the world of climbing training. Thanks! Secondly, I have a question... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 167

Hi Eric, Firstly, thank you for writing Training for Climbing–I've found that book enormously helpful! I was hoping you could help me with a question... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 166

Hi Eric! I’m a shift worker--nights, days, weekends and always changing. I have no set routine but I can make it to the climbing wall... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 165

I’m reading your book, Training For Climbing, and I am currently working on increasing climbing-specific aerobic fitness. I was wondering if this energy system could... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 164

I’m using the 4-3-2-1 periodization program, and I’m currently beginning the 3 weeks of strength/power training. I’m doing the 2 days of climbing (30-60 min... Read More