Ask Eric – Round 163

When training for competitions do you think it is valuable to have a strict training program & what would that consist of? Do you believe... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 162

Hello Mr.Hörst, I am the Head Coach at a climbing gym, and I am somewhat new to training youth climbers. In the past I have... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 161

Hi Eric, I'm a boulderer from London, and I have been really enjoying your podcasts. It's such a great resource and I always look forward... Read More

Ask Eric – Round 160

Hi Eric, I have a few questions about the 15-week periodization program. Approximately how long I will be at a peak performance period after completely... Read More

Round 158

Greetings Eric, I have the last two editions of your Training for Climbing book. I've found all of the information extremely helpful in crafting my... Read More

Round 157

I know there are a lot of tools/techniques/exercises to prevent injuries in climbing, but with such a busy schedule I find it hard to fit... Read More

Round 156

Hey Eric, I’ve been climbing 1.5 years and I am hitting a plateau. I can’t seem to progress beyond the 5.11c. I recently started following... Read More

Round 155

Hi Eric, I'm loving your short training video's on Epic TV--great work! One aspect I find difficult though, is how to integrate these five important... Read More

Round #154

Hey Eric, After chatting with you at the gym, I recently started doing some one-arm finger hangs. I am using a pad and a half... Read More