Podcast: 5 Reason Why Strong Fingers Matter

While climbing is, first and foremost, a mental and technical skill sport, long-term improvement—and pursuing your genetic potential—demands getting stronger in a number of climbing specific ways. Numerous research studies have confirmed that elite climbers, compared with non-elites, have higher grip-strength-to-mass ratio, greater forearm endurance, and a higher rate of force development in the finger flexors. Therefore, assuming that you have solid technical and mental skills, training for stronger fingers is paramount to taking your climbing to the next level. In this episode you’ll learn 5 reason why strong fingers matter—this will set the stage for the next podcast which will cover effective fingerboard training techniques for developing greater finger strength.

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Podcast Rundown:

0:15 – Intro – 5 Reasons Why Strong Fingers Matter
1:00 – Research on Finger Strength of Elite Climbers
1:42 – Reason #1 Why Strong Fingers Matter…..
3:00 – Reason #2….
9:10 – About Zlagboard Smart Phone Training System
11:55 – Reason #3…
15:25 – Reason #4…
18:15 – Reason #5…
18:50 – Summary
20:10 – Closing Comments

Music: Misty Murphy.

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