Video: How The World’s Best Sport Climber Campus Trains!

Don’t try this at home! That is, until you climb 5.15….

Thanks to EPIC-TV we have two brand new videos of Adam Ondra training for his long-term project…which Adam has appropriately named “Project Hard” (speculated by some to be the first-ever grade of 9c/5.15d). Behold the beauty of some serious power!

Of course, the campus board is an incredible training tool, but it’s inappropriate for beginners, recently injured climbers, or anyone lacking the shoulder strength and self-control to campus train with good form. Countless climbers have wrecked their shoulders, fingers and/or elbows with improper use of the campus board, so proceed with caution my friends! If you think you’re ready to use the campus board, here’s my own EPIC-TV video including some entry-level  and intermediate campus training techniques.

Adam on his training for max power…

Adam demonstrating his favorite exercises for building power-endurance…

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