Auto Belay Safety System™

Nicros is proud to introduce their patented* Auto Belay Safety System™ (A.B.S.S.™). This new device provides climbing wall owners and operators a means of monitoring Auto Belay use on a climbing wall. *Patent Number 8,408,360

With the increasing popularity of rock climbing, indoor climbing facilities, and Auto Belays all across the country, the possibility of rock climbing accidents also increases. Nicros is proud to offer its patented Auto Belay Safety SystemTM (A.B.S.S.TM) which detects when a climber has forgotten to clip into an Auto Belay and alerts the climber and the facility staff. This device provides climbing wall operators a means of monitoring Auto Belay use on their climbing wall.

This innovative product, first released in 2011, uses cutting edge technology to determine if a climber is on the wall climbing without being attached to the Auto Belay device. A sensor on the bolt hanger detects when the Auto Belay line or rope is unclipped from the wall. An array of sensors detects a climber’s body crossing a predetermined height. The logic system compares the inputs and determines if the Auto Belay is still attached to the wall when someone crosses the sensor’s field of view. In this situation, an audible alarm will sound and a light will change color, alerting the climber and facility staff. The height at which the activation of the system occurs can be customized. If a person boulders above the area that senses the climber, the alarm will go off since the Auto Belay is attached to the wall. In this way, the patented Auto Belay Safety SystemTM also acts as a warning system for boulderers who are ascending too high on the wall.