Auto Belays

For Sale! Used Spectrum Auto-Belays 32′ & 40′

Spectrum Auto Belays are designed to allow users to climb up and a smooth decent without the use of a secondary person belaying.  Ideal for rock climbing gyms, camp climbing walls, university recreation centers, ninja obstacle courses, amusement centers, and more!

Spectrum 32′ Spectrum 40′
$900 $1,100
Climbing Range: 10′ – 32′ Climbing Range: 10′ – 40′
Size: 9’3″H x 12″W x 17″D Size: 9’3″H x 12″W x 17″D
Dry Weight: 180lb. Dry Weight: 200lb.
Weight Capacity: 40-250 lb. Weight Capacity: 40-250 lb.
1/4″ Steel cable safety line 1/4″ Steel cable safety line
Cable swivel Cable swivel
Auto-locking carabiner Auto-locking carabiner
  • No Warranty. Buyer pays for shipping.
  • In stock: (11) 32″ (6) 40′

If interested please contact Jason Noble: Jason@verticalendeavors.com | 651-209-0608