Not looking for a custom climbing wall that requires a construction crew? With one of our pre-made panel systems, installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

(1) Select from one of our pre-made panel systems or freestanding playground features.

(2) Choose where to place your wall panels. Panels can be attached and anchored directly into concrete or onto support framing (2” x 4” wood studs).

(3) Once delivered, panels can be trimmed as needed with standard woodworking tools and installation can typically be done at a rate of two panels per person per hour.

While installation is easy, it’s very important that it be done correctly. If you have questions, consult with a licensed structural engineer to ensure correct and safe attachment of the panels to your building. Otherwise, when in doubt, Nicros can provide professional installation services. Call or email us at sales@nicros.com for a quote today! 

*Please note that all panels are designed and made in small batches, color may vary, adding extra depth and dimension to your wall!