Warning: Please Read Carefully

You must read the following information before using Nicros products.

Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity and serious injury or death may result from the physical demands of, or falls sustained while climbing.


  • Never attempt to climb without first receiving proper training.
  • Never climb without using proper safety gear.
  • Never climb without using an appropriate landing surface.
  • Never climb on traverse/bouldering walls without a properly trained and experienced spotter.
  • Never climb on full-height climbing walls without being belayed (either by an automatic belay device or a properly trained and experienced belay partner).
  • Never allow children to climb without adult supervision.


  • Always check the condition of the wall, hardware and handholds prior to climbing. Any damaged equipment or equipment showing signs of wear need to be replaced prior to climbing.
  • Always check handholds to ensure they are properly mounted, secure and undamaged prior to climbing.
  • Always seek proper training and instruction before using products received from Nicros, Inc.
  • Always “Double-Check” everything (e.g. the attachment, anchors, locking biners, etc.) prior to climbing.


  • Do not use standard carbon-steel or aluminum products in direct contact with pressure-treated wood. For more information, please see the Advisory on Fasteners and Connectors for Treated Wood.
  • Do not use or install any climbing products (e.g. handholds, etc.) without proper knowledge and training of how the products are to be used. For handholds and training tools, see the Climb Smart! Artificial Climbing Holds reference. For ropes, harnesses and other climbing equipment, refer to either the Climb Smart! brochure or the manufacturer’s labels and warnings. Contact the Outdoor Industry Association at 303.444.3353 for additional information or Climb Smart! literature. The Climbing Wall Association, Inc. (CWA) also offers climbing wall operational guidelines referred to as the “Industry Practices” – for more information visit www.climbingwallindustry.org.


  • Institutions (e.g. Climbing Gyms, Fitness Centers, Recreation Centers, Retail Outlets, etc.) are responsible for the safety of their customers. It is important that the information provided by the manufacturer is transferred to customers including information about the appropriate use and applications of all products purchased from Nicros, Inc. Institutions are responsible for the training employees receive and the maintenance of their own equipment and facilities.


Important Safety and Warranty Information

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