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Nicros FoamIce™ allows you to bring the thrill of ice climbing into the comfort of your indoor facility. These panels are ideal for pre-season training or as a great way to extend your ice climbing season. FoamIce™ panels are a great way to add a new element to your climbing program or revitalize your existing climbing wall.


Appearance. Nicros FoamIce™ is a light-weight high density 24” x 108” x 2” foam panel ice climbing system. Panels are available in a white color scheme to simulate the natural ice appearance.

Versatility. Not only are these panels easily installed on any flat climbing surface but can also be custom cut to fit your space requirements. 

Feel. Nicros FoamIce™ panels have been designed to simulate the feel of real ice climbing in the comfort of your indoor facility.

Durability. In addition to being durable, high-strength, and solid extruded product, FoamIce™ also meets the requirements of the U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments. It is impervious to most chemicals, non-abrasive and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures. Panels are made of a durable 9.5 pound foam.


Nicros FoamIce™ panels are easy installed to block, wood, and other suitable flat substrates using appropriate fasteners.  All panels ship with installation manual and mounting fasteners. If you’re unsure or you lack the expertise to perform the installation, please seek professional assistance.

Need help with installation? Contact us at at 651-778-1975 to schedule our trained Nicros staff to install your new FoamIce™ panel system. 



To download our specifications document for this product, please click here.