4-Minute Plank for Climbers

In this video, Jonathan Hörst leads you through a challenging 4-minute plank routine. This rigorous multi-plank sequence works both anterior and posterior core muscle groups, as well as the obliques and numerous hip muscles involved in hip flexion and abduction. And, as you will soon discover, your shoulders and scapular stabilizers will also get seriously worked! If you’re new to plank training, then you’ll surely find this routine to be quite difficult. Do pause the video and rest on your knees at any time, if you experience pain, cramping, or sense that your form is breaking down.

Once you can do this routine straight through without stopping, consider doing a second set after just a five-minute rest! Do one or two sets of this 4-minute plank routine, three days per week, and you’ll rapidly improve your core strength and endurance. Incorporate this plank sequence as part of your larger core-training programconsider supplementing your planks with some windshield wipers, leg lifts, and perhaps even a few sets of deadlifts and/or barbell squats. Do this three days per week, and you’ll rapidly improve your core strength and endurance…and, thus, improve your climbing movement efficiency, strength, and power!

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