Round 181

Hi Eric, I contacted you a while back about a decision to move closer to a climbing gym or stay in St. George where there... Read More

Round 180

Hi Eric! Every time I read again your book Training for Climbing I find in it new inspirations and new ideas for my training days.... Read More

Round 179

Hi Eric, What way do you consider as the most efficient for improving technique? – Jelena (Belgrade) Hello Jelena, That’s an important question. Efficient climbing... Read More

Round 178

Hey Eric, I've heard you say, when discussing the necessity of rest, that if you don't give yourself enough time between training sessions you will... Read More

Round 177

Hey Eric, I'm looking for some advice on how to train my 12 year old son. He’s on a climbing team and wants to break... Read More

Round 176

Hi Eric, I am a really passionate climber and a sport science student, I follow your work with a lot of interest and curiosity--thanks for... Read More

Round 175

Hi Eric, I have been following you religiously for the past 10 years or so! Thanks to all your good advice and great coaching, I... Read More

Round 174

Hello, I would like to start experimenting with complex training. I understand the concepts behind it and I am healthy enough and have solid background... Read More

Round 173

Hi Eric! I’ve been bouldering for 3 years (7B), and I have a question about campus training. How would you organize an effective workout? For... Read More