Finger Training You Can Do Every Day!


Many climbing injuries develop as a result of training and climbing too much. As a rule, intensive climbing/training should be limited to two to four days per week with only lighter exercise (or rest) the other days of the week.

Adequate muscle recovery is critical in order to improve strength and power over the long-term. Lesser known among climbers, however, is that your connective tissues take even longer to recover and strengthen after a hard workout.

You may be surprised to learn, then, at the simple finger exercise protocol shown in the video below is something you can do every day! Think of this 6-minute finger training routine as a “recovery” or “prehab” protocol. If done right, this brief workout is too low in intensity to interfere with muscle recovery…yet it’s just right for stimulating the tendons and ligaments in your fingers. Consequently, in doing this simple finger workout three to seven days per week, you will aid and accelerate connective tissue strengthening and recovery!

As you’ll learn in the video, new research has shown that coupled training-nutritional interventions can increase tendon strength and health. You can learn more about the Supercharged Collagen featured in this video at PhysiVantage.com.


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