TC Podcast: Winter Training Program Design

Winter is training season for most Northern Hemisphere climbers, and so this podcast will arm you with knowledge to train most effectively in preparation for your 2017 climbing season! This podcast is an hour full of rich content, so you may want to take notes or listen to it twice! Here’s an outline of the show:

1:00 – Welcome to the new T4C podcast!
6:00 – Podcast overview…with a primary focus on effective off-season gym training
8:30 – Topic #1: Training program design
9:45 – Beginner training program tips
14:20 – Effective training for intermediate-level climbers
17:45 – Advance & elite off-season program design
22:15 – Periodization schemes
30:00 – Topic #2: The importance of getting stronger during the off-season
32:20 – How stabilizer-muscle training can make your fingers stronger
34:50 – Overview of hangboard and campus training for maximum strength and power development
36:30 – The “7/53” hangboard training protocol
39:20 – Weighted pull-ups training
41:00 – Complex training
42:50 – What about endurance training?
48:00 – Topic #3: How to make the most of your gym training time
53:30 – Two MOs of gym climbers
56:10 – 4 Tips for effective gym training
58:00 – What is “junk training”?
1:00:00 – Closing comments

Listen closely. Apply. GET STRONGER!

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Music: Misty Murphy.

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