TC Podcasts: The Power of Proprioception

In ascending a boulder, cliff, or mountain, you are expressing skilled movement. While climbing may seem to be a relatively simply and intuitive skill, moving with balance and precision in the vertical plane is actually quite complex. The exquisite, flowing movements of an elite climber result as a harmonious aggregate response to the contractions of agonists and antagonists muscles, and a wealth of sensory exteroception and proprioception. This complex process of acting with skill and will, while ingesting a vast array of sensory stimuli, requires many years to master. And despite the unattainable goal of perfection, it’s in striving for perfection that you depart on a trajectory toward true mastery.

In this podcast you will learn how to foster your sense of proprioception and how to use proprioceptive cues to succeed quickly on crux moves and max sequences.


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