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Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the energy your body expends to maintain normal bodily functions such as heart beat, respiration, digestion, and maintenance of body temperature. Your BMR is influenced by a number of factors including age, body size, gender, diet, and environmental temperature.

Estimate your BMR (calories/day) with the calculator below. Enter your age, weight, and height, then click the submit button.

Physical Characteristics Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR)
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Calories/day for men
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Of course, your body burns additional calories throughout the day as you engage in different physical activities. The burn rate is proportional to the intensity of the activity. For example, going for a walk would only burn a small amount of additional calories, whereas running or hard climbing can burn hundreds of additional calories per hour.

Fill in the fields below to determine your approximate daily caloric requirement. Estimate the time you spend (in minutes) in each physical activity category. Strive for precise estimates–for example, a two-hour climbing gym workout might be entered as 30 minutes of “heavy” activity (actual climbing) and 90 minutes of “very light” activity (belaying and walking around).

Physical Activity, minutes/day Total Energy Requirement
Very Light Light Moderate Heavy Very Heavy

walking, belaying, etc.

fast walking, easy bicycling, light hiking

jogging, hiking, bicycling
easy climbing

running, difficult climbing, lifting weights, steep hiking

sprinting, climbing at personal limit, mountaineering with heavy pack

for men

for women

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