Rotator Cuff Training & Rehab

The shoulders are the most movable and unstable joints, and next to the fingers they are the most at-risk body parts for rock climbers. In particular, those of us with a preference for overhanging walls and V-hard boulder problems must recognize the potential for developing a shoulder injury that could plague us for years or even require surgical intervention. Every time you crank up a steep wall with an elbow pulled backward beyond the plane of our body, you are in jeopardy of subluxation. Furthermore, excessive hanging with straight arms produces an accumulated strain on the shoulders that can eventually lead to shoulder instability. The bottom line: Climbing—especially hard bouldering—is a minefield for the shoulders.

Knowing these dangers, a wise climber will be proactive in minimizing exposure to the most dangerous positions and engage in disciplined training of the stabilizing muscles that surround the shoulder. In this video, climber and licensed physical therapist, Don Anderson, demonstrates the exercises you should do to protected your shoulders. You can also learn about nutritional interventions to support tendon and joint support for climbers here.


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