Testimonials from HIT System Users

Unsolicited Feedback on HIT Workouts . . .

From my first workout on the HIT Strips, I was convinced that they were an excellent finger training tool. –Chris

Your HIT Workout definitely gave me much more strength–I think it’s a really important development in training for climbing. Thank you very much for you great work for climbing, Eric! –Andre

I’ve logged great gains in strength already, and I have found a new enthusiasm for training. Thanks for your new training ideas and HIT Workout . — Paul

I’m impressed with your HIT Workout , the quality of your advice, and your willingness to debunk myths about what makes climbers stronger. After completing just the first training cycle, I climb with more poise and confidence. –Alistair

Eric, I love your HIT Workout . Here’s an Excel graph with the results from my initial cycles. I think it’s time to upgrade to a 55 degree wall! Thanks for your help. –Mike

Last year my hardest redpoint was 5.11a. Well, a few months ago I started your HIT Workout , and I just sent a 5.12b (4th try)! –Curtis (Canada)

I’ve been on the HIT Strips for two training cycles now and I’ve doubled my finger

This message is long overdue. My wife and I contacted you about 6 months ago after we puchased your HIT Strip System . Needless to say, we have enjoyed them tremendously…or should I say we enjoyed the results! First a little history: Kristen and I started climbing March 23, 2000, and our first climb was a 5.6 75-foot toprope. I’ll never forget the burn I got on that…forearms screaming, I was proud that both of us made it to the top without falling off. Two months later I pumped out my first 5.10, then it was back to easier stuff to learn to lead. Two months later I lead my first trad 5.10! My wife followed right behind me and completed the same climbs shortly there after. Anyway, to make a long story short, after 10 months of climbing I redpointed a 5.12b/c, and Kristen pumped out an 5.11d! We entered our first competition a couple weeks ago–Kristen came in 3rd place Women, and I won overall. We’re saying all this to thank you and let you know that there are a lot more people interested in the HIT Strips now! Of course, everyone at the gym now asks me what I do to workout. Thanks for everything, and congrats on the latest member of your family. –Justin & Kristen

Just a quick note for ya…I loved your books, and I have persuaded my local gym to build a special bouldering wall just for your HIT Workouts . Many thanks from New Zealand! –David

I started climbing 6 years ago and have never had a passion for a sport like I do for climbing. After running a marathon a few years ago my kids asked me what I was going to do next–I said “I was going to climb a 5.12 by my 40th birthday.” My hardest redpoint to date was 5.11a. My wife bought me your book “How To Climb 5.12” and I read it a few times. I made some adjustments to my home wall, begin some HIT Workouts and started using your 4-3-2-1 training schedule. In a few months I redpointed 5.11d, but my birthday was not far off. I started working a route in Big Cottonwood Canyon called “Big in Japan” (5.12b). I drew a topo and stated visualizing my ascent. After working the route on five different days, I could do it with just one fall. I rested two days and took my whole family to watch the old man celebrate his big day. After a few warm-up routes, my wife Lynne gave me a belay–I fell at the crux. After a 45-minute rest, I nailed it! Thanks so much for your great training advice. It assisted me in achieving a goal that I’ll even admit seemed a little too far out there. Most of all, my kids think it’s way rad old dad did a 5.12 on his 40th birthday. I’m not stopping there, of course! –Jed

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