Video: Antagonist & Stabilizer Muscle Training

While not the sexiest aspect of training for climbing, exercises for strengthening the stabilizer and antagonist muscles are extremely important to employ in the quest of maintaining healthy shoulders and climbing your best. Certainly anyone who engages in high-end climbing and/or strenuous upper-body training exercises (campus training, hangboarding, etc.) should also be doing concurrent antagonist and stabilizer training. Those who do not…may end up with a nagging and, perhaps, debilitating shoulder injury, which recent research has revealed to be the most common ailment among climbers outside of the common finger tendon injury.

In this video I will present to you 4 excellent shoulder-strengthening exercises to put to work beginning today! Also, check out the new edition of Training for Climbing for an entire chapter of must-know exercises for reducing injury risk in the elbows and shoulders.

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