Round 143

Hi Eric, I mostly climb outside, but I have been hitting the gym when I'm not ice-climbing. Regardless, I've had this nagging pain and tightness... Read More

Round 142

Hey Eric, I've been wondering...how do elite climbers make hard routes and boulder problems look easy? Is there a certain factor in their technique or... Read More

Round 141

Hello Eric, I would like to express my enormous appreciation towards all that you are doing. Stumbling into the NICROS Training Center, and afterwards reading a... Read More

Round 140

Hi Eric! First off, thank you for your previous training advice via the NICROS Training Center! Your training tips for my RMNP trip were extremely helpful... Read More

Round 139

Hi Eric, I am 17 years old and I can boulder V5s without too much difficulty and V6s with a little work. I am just... Read More

Round 138

Hi Eric, I’ve been training a lot lately (25 days per month), but I feel like my climbing is actually getting worse as my flash... Read More

Round 137

Hey Eric, I’ve read your books and literally everything else out there. I'm a former marathon runner looking for more structured training. I do a... Read More

Round 136

Hello Eric! I’m getting back into climbing after a fairly long absence (8 years); I began climbing at age 12 and climbed (and competed) at... Read More

Round 135

Hi Eric, Is strength training and building muscle mass in the lower body detrimental to climbing success? –Kinza (Texas) Hi Kinza, We do train deadlifts... Read More

Round 134

Hi Eric, My first year of climbing I became strong quickly and improved steadily, yet recently I have plateaued. So I’m thinking about doing some... Read More