Round 50

Q: Is age 48 too old start climbing? Do I need to train to increase strength? –Anne (South Africa) A: Absolutely NOT, Anne! I know... Read More

Round 49

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Round 48

Q: My problem is in onsight competitions…I get cold feet and lose my confidence. I then often fall before I ever get pumped. What can... Read More

Round 47

Q: Hello Eric, I am interested in developing crimp strength/endurance for a project that I have been working for some time. Would it be advisable... Read More

Round 46

Q: What’s the best way to build confidence as a redpoint and competition on-sight climber? In particular, I’m interested in building the confidence of my... Read More

Round 45

Q: Hi Eric, Thanks for your great books! I have read them all, and they are the best out there! I am age 29 and... Read More

Round 44

Q: Hey Eric, I am 16 years old and I’ve been climbing one year. I’m wondering what you thought would help me get past 5.11a... Read More

Round 43

Q: We have only 30-foot walls at our gym; can you suggest an effective way to train for long-route stamina? – Ben (Florida) A: Hi... Read More

Round 42

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Round 41

Q: I have been improving steadily (sometimes slowly) over the last three years, and I would like to start more advanced training. I have read... Read More